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"Dean Garris’ short film manages to lay some solid psychological track with the family before   things get spooky, and in an 18 minute short, that is impressive."

~Mark Bell, Film Threat Magazine


"Dean Garris shows here that he has a knack for cinematic storytelling, no matter what the tools   at his disposal are."

~Josh Samford,

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A young girl tells her parents there is a man living in the cellar that talks to her, they both dismiss her story as a product of an over active imagination, until her father starts hearing the voices too.

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Production Team


Director............................... Dean Garris
Producer... Dean Garris & Chip Lafayette
Screen Writer........................Dean Garris

Original Score


THE MAN IN THE CELLAR © 2011 J.D.G. All Rights Reserved

Jennifer Russoli

Jennifer Russoli moved to North Carolina and began to pursue modeling and acting.

She has an aggressive pursuit of her passion for film and natural acting ability has since garnered her (4) principal roles in short films, a co-starring role in the Greensboro-based T.V. Series, “The P.O.” set to air on the WCWG-20 - BNT Network in 2011, and is currently filming her first lead role in the character driven feature length film, “Ask for Angela”.

Tate Clemons

Tate is a talented young actress in North Carolina.  Her interest in performing was initially sparked when she aspired to join a local production of "Annie,” her favorite play.  The acting bug had bitten, and she has since enjoyed training in acting, dance, and voice.

When not performing, Tate loves to swim, ride her bike, and chase her evil puppy around the front yard.  She is also a mean hula-hooper, and is working on a pretty cool rock collection

Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson writes fiction and comics in Carrboro, NC. His work has appeared/will appear in Asimov's Science Fiction, The Rambler, LCRW, Weird Tales, The Florida Review, Futurismic, ChiZine, Pif, and Dragon. Locus Magazine has called him a "promising new writer," and Publishers Weekly also has nice things to say.

Alex runs the audiobook project/podcast Telltale Weekly and publishes the minicomic/zine Inconsequential Art. He is a 2006 Clarion graduate.

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